Friday, 7 January 2011

Number 3 Iceland

 They love their sequin sighns in iceland,it reminded me of a cool "talk of the town" arcade in spanish city in Whitley Bay back in the day!
 The grey cat cafe intresting breakfast !
 the layerd look so cold I found my hi viz coat tucked in a pocked of my back pack had to put it on for an extra layer! looking good!
 what can I say!

 the layerd look!

Years ago at university I read a wonderful article on Iceland and since then I’ve all ways wanted to experience the funky juxtaposed landscape of Iceland. Thanks to the banking crisis I can now afford to! So a week before Christmas me and Si fought the giant of Heathrow and won (unlike most) and flew off the Reykjavik for 6 days. I was really surprised to find not only beautiful landscape but a funky thriving cultural industry. I would 100% recommend a holiday in Iceland, I loved the eccentric café/bar culture, the scenery and the shear cold which gives you an excuse to adopt the rustic “layered look”.

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