Monday, 13 February 2012

Word from the Underground

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You may have been aware that I’m making moves to formalise my Pop up restaurant/cafe, and I am trying to find some different venues around Nottingham, to hold my events, as well as find a unit or venue in which to cook from.
So the purpose of this post is really to see if you my Undergrounders know of any interesting and exciting venues in your local areas, that may be adaptable for a pop up restaurant, whether it be a cute community centre, an old shop, a café that’s not open in the evening, or a pub that no longer uses there kitchen or even a house, barn or out building. As long as it’s interesting and as long as I can some how cook and serve food (essentially it needs running water and electricity near by) I’m up for it.

So I’d be grateful if you could put your heads together for me, and send me an email if you think of any thing, and I’ll get doing more pop ups and so you can eat more scrummy food.

Many thanks

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