Sunday, 19 August 2012

Some information!

I’m not great at writing. I love doing my blog but I use it like a sketch book to communicate and play with ideas but I’m no journalist. Over the past few weeks I have been really aware that my web presence is lacking and a creative blog is not cutting the mustard for people who need to find their way to the kiosk and understand how it works so whilst I work on my website (I know I’ve been saying this for time and my website has not appeared!) I will explain a little for you new comers about the kiosk, Nott's Underground and how my blog came about as briefly and understandably as I possibly can! OK are you ready?

A few things you need to know about the Nottingham Underground restaurant and Kiosk:

Where are we?

So many people have said they simply can’t find the Kiosk so here is a map:

this is an amazing illustration hay?
And as for Nott’s Underground it is a pop up restaurant and it pops up in different places every time, I have to say though Nott’s Underground is very Sherwood centric! Sorry all of you who have to travel! When you book a place the venue is revealed.

What food do I do?

Well at the Kiosk I like to think that I provide something different to the usual fare you can get on the traditional lunch run. Every day we have 2 tapas (one meat one veggie, ask for other dietary options as I should be able to adapt food to suit) and 3 salads that are reasonably priced and can be eaten in our alfresco dining area, or taken away to eat at home or at work. Each week day has a theme (Monday is Mexican, Tuesday is Greek, Wednesday is Italian and I bake bread, Thursday is Middle Eastern, Friday is back to Mexico!) and at the weekends I do interesting brunches from around the world.



The Nottingham Underground restaurant provides a creative dining experience which seeks to develop unique one off menus in secret unusual locations. All menus are fixed price and are often themed. The events are only advertised to those who are on my mailing list and follow me on twitter or face book. Have a look back through my blog roll to see what menus and themes I have done in the past, but I love Middle Eastern and Mexican food I all ways offer a vegan, veggie and meat option and I can provide for other dietary requirements when requested.

When do I open?
The Kiosk is generally open 7 days a week however recently because of my wedding plans I will be having a few days off (sorry) but usually i am open from 9 till 5 Monday to Saturday 10 till 2 Sunday.
The Underground Restaurant has been a little quiet of late but I aim to do one Underground event a month and build them up depending on how tired I am after working at the Kiosk!!!! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for future events.

I hope this answers a few questions for you
I look forward to catching up with you soon Undergrounders!

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