Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bring on Autumn

Me and the boy we discussing our favorite seasons (I believe this is the sort of boring thing you do when you’re married), Si decided spring I decided autumn. Although for me at the kiosk it’s not ideal for sales it does excite me. There is something wonderful about pulling out the woollies, wearing tights, big boots, making big pots of tea and cooking up richly flavored comfort food.
Consequently, as I pack my deck chairs away and get excited by autumn leaves I have started to think about Kiosk’s autumn menu, giving it a distinctly seasonal feel but still keeping what you love. The autumn menu is focusing on providing you with a different yummy hot option every day; my favorite is the Mexican pipian made with spiced squash and apples in a pumpkin seed Mexican pesto type sauce. Lots of people have asked for some wholesome stews and soups I’m excited about experimenting with a proper old style shin stew. I will still be providing tapas and salads but I will be creating a range of hot salads, I love Kiaya’s braised lentils and the Greek butter beans. Lastly I have redesigned the sandwich menu making most of the options hot and obviously interesting; the vegan option is amazing re-fried beans lush roasted salsa toasted in fresh Turkish bread.
We will be launching our new menu at Sherwood contemporary craft fair, at the place on the 17th Nov and as soon as I’ve sorted out the website everything will be up menus plans for the cold weather and much more! Keep your eyes peeled for new pop up events as they fill up quick!
See you soon

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