Monday, 11 April 2011

Artisan Bread Making

Those of you who know me, know that I am addicted to radio 4 (no need to snigger), and on one hung over Sunday I was listening to the food programme (one of my favourites along with Open Book and The Archers!) and heard about The School of Artisan Food. I was instantly excited by the idea that there was a centre of excellence for learning about specialist food production. However what really made me excited was when I realised it was just up the A60 on Welbeck estate. As quickly as I could I booked my self on the next course: an intro to European baking. Last Sunday I attended the course lead by world-class baker Emmanuel Hadjiandreou and set about recreating sunflower rye bread, sourdough grissini and olive fougasse (Yep I had to Wikipedia them to know what they were before I went!).
Quite frankly it was wonderful! Check out my photos to see what I made; and sample them at the next Nottingham Underground Bakery at Deux on Easter Sunday.
 Rye bread looks like stuffing, don't you think?
 Finished rye bread propper yummy

 Fougasse means ladder in french (well thats what they told me ) hence the shape.
 Finished fougasse
 Grissini made with sourdough ( basically posh italian bread sticks).
  Grissini are great for desk top munchies, I talk from experiance!
To the right my tidy work space (a sight to behold!) in the old converted fire station bakery on the Welbeck estate, a beautiful setting to bake.

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