Sunday, 5 June 2011

lovely weekend with the Good Book

It has been an eventful few weeks: getting used to a new job, doing the Mollyqueen market and doing the Fish and the Loaves night. So this weekend has been nice to sleep (a lot) eat (a lot) and be merry! Consequently I have been scooting through a few blogs, reading the papers, ordering books, reading cookery books, digging the allotment and drinking the wine!

This weekends best rediscovery….. Good Housekeeping Cookery Book! I’m very surprised that my mum aloud me to remove it from her house for further inspection; you can see from the photos it is well used, and has developed a biblical standing in my family home. 

 published in 1972 this book has seen a lot of use (its older than me!)
I just love the beautiful illustrations, fab photos of kitch/retro classic food and drink and other inserts from the family like a Sainsbury's cook and keep card and the odd shopping list or pencil scribble of things like "the cake" written in the margin.

I hope you love it as much as me.

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