Friday, 8 July 2011

Sunday Underground Bakery

Looking forward to seeing you at 247 Noel street For some damn right yummy bread and cakes! Well my lovelies hear is my menu:

Seedy yoghurt soda bread

Yummy fruit Green’s Mill organic spelt loaf

Scrumptious Focaccia with oven dried toms and cheese or Aceite de Ajo y Perejil (Spanish Parsley oil) Made with Green’s Mill Organic flour.

Wheat free dairy free spinach muffins

Savory Spinach muffins

Oven baked Falafel

Beetroot and herb dip

Parsley Pesto

Sticky prune and chocolate loaf

Moreish oatmeal biscuits

This poster says 10 till 4 but I beleave it's 11 till 3. See you then.


  1. Why oven baked falafel is in bold I have no idea !

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