Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yummy corn soup!

I’ve been doing some privet Pop up restaurants for people who want all the fun of a party but with out the hassle of shopping, cooking and presenting loads of food. I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different foods and as a result I stumbled upon this recipe in the moosewood cook book. I’m not a great fan of sweet corn, I ate far too much of it in the 80’s (The green giant did wonders for it’s image) too much of a good thing! I did this recipe a few months ago when I came in from work to discover the only real thing I had in the freezer was sweet corn. The other wonderful thing about this recipe is it is totally fat free!
If your interested in hosting a pop up restaurant event at your home, or want a privet underground restaurant event for your work party, hen doo or birthday celebrations do give me a ring on 07514 625697 or email me

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