Thursday, 4 August 2011

What a weekend !

The day after a pop up event, I usually flake out stay in bed till late the next day, read the Observer, eat left over’s and watch country file (sad I know).  However this month the Nottingham Underground Restaurant was at a Deerstock music festival; meaning that I had to be up early to feed hungry hung-over campers. This was extreme underground restauranting for me!
serious construction work

 The best band of the weekend Queen Serafina and the Mollyqueens!

My Menu was Different I had to do a totally veggie menu which was fine by me, but obviously I had to stay true to the Underground Ideal Of interesting food in an inspiring environment. With this in mind I opted to do make Indian food in a Bedouin camp, much to peoples disgust there was no Vindaloo! But there was:

Day one
Dosa (yummy stuffed rice pancakes) with coconut chutney and carrot salad
Stuffed chapatti with coconut chutney and carrot salad
Carrot halva
Coconut doughnuts with plumb compote

Day two
Breakfast/ brunch
Spicy Indian scrabbled eggs in a chapatti or seeded poori
Indian potato cakes with fried eggs and chilli chutney
Coconut doughnuts with plumb compote

Spicy lentil dhal with seeded poori

I’m quite excited by the feed back I got and inspired by the story of the dhal man in Bristol. Apparently this man goes out on the streets (mainly after club kicking out time) of Bristol handing out pots of dhal for a donation (a bit like a cool soup kitchen for students!) I defo want to give this a bash watch this space!

I must say thanks to all who helped out you know who you are and a special thanks to Ed and Jim for giving me a call out.

Remember this weekend we are doing the Mollyqueen market 11-4 at Federation social club Claremont rd (off Hucknal and Nottingham road). I will be launching my new café range, so you best come and sample it!!! see you then!

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