Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Rage!

Ok so my blog has been rather anorexic recently, which is not very good for a food blog! I have been rather consumed with car insurance. Car insurance makes me incredibly angry not many things make me boil over angry any more but car insurance really does (maybe that’s why there were so many riots last week people were just angry about their car insurance renewal?). When I get angry I can’t seem to do any thing! However this year I directed my frustration to bread, I did a popup on Saturday and made a dam good selection of new and old favourites for the pate starter (thanks to my car insurance renewal). 
Popup Pudding
Rage,Thyme and garlic Fucashia balls, Rage,Bacon Fugasse and Rage,Treacle and Walnut bread
So with some of the proceeds from the popup I went and purchased a book about the science of bread and yeast. Which I can’t read before I go to bed because it gets me hooked and I can’t put it down; when I try to get to sleep I can’t stop think about making different breads and consequently don’t sleep! I was in the pub the other day and started chatting to a chemist about yeast and different ways to culture it (this is getting really bad! I’m 30 for gods sake I should be talking about… may be the riots in relation to THE WIRE and little Amsterdam or… how Dave Cameron seems to have put on weight over is holiday … not yeast cultures for Christ sake!). However it seems that all this talking about bread got me into a really cool discussion the other day!
I was chatting to a regular in the pub who helps organise a small local festival called Stuff of Life festival in Forestfields/Sherwoodrise. From what I understand the site where the festival is held used to be a pikelet factory so consequently they asked me to do some Underground Baking! How very exciting! To bake and watch people make music/ dance/ eat and drink what a rather great day I will have! I also thought this may provide me with a date to launch the ever promised bread baking service on a new web site! Obviously the blog will still be part of this but I hope the web site will offer you options to buy bread, tickets for popup events and information on menus for privet events all in one place, making attending popup a lot easier!
So look out for details re the stuff of life festival on the 1st of October nearer the time.
Hopefully next week the rage re car insurance will have gone and I will have something scrummy for you to bake instead!

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