Friday, 30 December 2011

Illustration of the first Birthday!

So eventually I have moved house! Its taken weeks but it’s done. So now I can get back to blogging!
Just before I moved I had the first birthday of Nottingham Underground Restaurant. At that event we had the illustrator Rob White; so I thought this weeks post could just be the bloody amazing depiction of the night.

What I love about illustrations is that they give some thing more visceral than a photo of the event. They delve into atmosphere and unpick it and for me they start to make social observations that a photo could never do.

My Mums table notice the positioning of the wine!
I really like these images they really start to illustrate the atmosphere and the ebb and flow of conversation.

My lovely 50's coffee set

If you like these illustrations check out Rob’s website or come to the next event he comes to and get drawn! I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship between Illustration by Rob White and Notts Underground!  

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