Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mexican Mondays at Kiosk

I have had a simply lovely day today, even though I’ve been cleaning up my house it’s nice to be out from the counter and I manage to grab some time to experiment in my kitchen. So tomorrow is Mexican Monday so my experimenting has been distinctly Mexican themed. I’ve just cooked up an amazing sweet corn salad ( thanks to Thomasina Miers) it’s so simple yet totally packed with flavour. I’ve also cooked up a batch of chipotles en adobo which I promised Adrian I would do months ago and have not got round to it. Chipotles en adobo is a rich, smoky, sweet and tangy puree which forms the base of a lot of Mexican cooking and gives dishes a great smoky kick. It’s great for veggies too as it adds that smoky kick that chorizo does but without the pork! Any way come and sample the Mexican delights tomorrow for lunch ONLY £3.50!
Re fried beans (V)
Steak chilli wrap
Quesadilla (V)
Smokey asparagus salad
Spicy sweet corn salad
And citrusy chick pea salad
(I can’t wait )
See you tomorrow

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