Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The fish and the loaves

So it’s time for the next event and as we have Wholesome Fish playing it seemed sensible to do fish! For those of you who are vegan and veggie there will be a vegan option as all ways and I am working on nice gluten free bread! The event will be 5min bus or car journey from the city centre (as always details will be given on booking).
About booking at the last Underground event we had 5 bookings that did not shows and 5 that dropped out at the last minuet, so if you feel like you may not attend DON’T BOOK. I can’t stress enough I do this because I love food, art, music and my local community, so please please I am a very small enterprise I’m not funded by any one but myself and if people don’t come… I pay for those places and eat refried beans all week!
Any way I hope to see you there, for food fun and maybe a bit of dancing!

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  1. Hey Beth,
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