Tuesday, 17 May 2011

So this week I have largely been inspired by the Supper Club book as I have said in previous posts. I bought it from Waterston’s as I simply could not wait to order it on line and I consumed it in a day! This is unusual for me as I have special reading need meaning it takes me ages to read any thing! My frontal lobe must have been truly activated by the wonderful scrap book like composition of the book. Kerstin Rodgers really gives a great account of her experiences of food and how this impacts her cooking style. I could really relate to her accounts of family holidays in France it was almost uncanny! (I would also recomend her blog )Any way as a result of this I have been experimenting with breads so for this weeks market I have come up with a picnic menu to hopefully excite (weather permitting):

Trio of breads
Spicy corn bread
A collection of Focaccia bread shots
Gorge’s light rye

To dip in
Nottingham Underground Salsa
And Ottolenghi inspired broad bean dip

Accompanied by
Refried bean Quesalilla
Onion tart tatin

Sweet endings
Zingy lemon fingers
Maybe Nottingham Underground Custard Tarts

I will be posting towards the end of the week to inform you of the next pop up menu for The Fish and the loaves on the 28th of may.
 yummy bread shots

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