Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal wedding, new events and how to put on pounds in one easy cake!

Sorry people it has been some what busy this Easter with the Nottingham Underground Bakery on Easter bank holiday and then the Alternative Royal Wedding the following weekend. I have been rushed off my feet and have had hardly any time to up date my mailing list and do the old blog so I apologise.
 My tasters at Mollyqueen Market displayed on my ceramic range!

The Alternative royal wedding was a success and it was even national news (if you did not see on face book the BBC’s national website did a write up on our celebrations) which was very exciting!
Guests munched on a 3 course Mexican feast and scrumptious Pestel Tres Leches which is a traditional Mexican wedding cake soaked in condensed and evaporated milk and cream not great for figure watchers, but hay there is only one royal wedding this year!
 the black board/ menu
 roasted salas propper good even if i do say so my self
 Pestel Tres Leches being soaked in detoxifying condensed milk and cream!
 Da ladies!
Los Pantalones wooed our ears with amazing Mexican themed music (This newly formed duo are well worth seeing and should be popping up in the Nottingham music scene soon).
  I was also extremely excited when I popped over to my friend’s house last Friday to find a massive Mexican day of the dead style painting hanging from her walls; obviously I had to snaffle it for the event! How perfect did it look! Many thanks to our Trace for that; Also Many thanks to Lauren Hunt for providing some wonderful contemporary decoupage to grace the walls of the venue and make it seem all the more funky
This bloody bunting was a labour of love, every night after tea for 3 weeks I cut out tissue paper and glued it to string (much to Simon’s frustration!).But hay it looked good don’t you think? I really wish I had done a before and after shot of this village hall so you can see what low lighting and a bit of bunting can do!

some photos that i thought I should inclued on the run up to alt royal wedding:
 beans waiting to be made in to refried joy!
my guests breakfast the next day mexican style!
 pink pickled onions waiting to go!
Me and the party table!
P.S. we had 2 birthdays in on Friday happy birthday to The lovely Claire and scrumptious Neil.

So now I’m revving up for next months Fish and the Loaves night (featuring the band Wholesome Fish) on the 28th of May. This event will be held in the NG5 area of the city so a little closer to home more info will be listed next week regarding the finer details!
So it seems that the Mollyqueen Marvellous Market is going to be held the same day as the Green festival next month (22nd of May). With this in mind I thought I may do some bespoke pick nick hampers to pre order and pick up from the market, when you are heading your way down to the festival or just out and about on Sunday afternoon. I will be detailing the types of food available next week in the blog along with ways in which you can order. 

sighning off for now

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