Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Labneh (kind of)

So at Nottingham under ground I made a dish called Labneh (Kind of). Labneh is a a strained cheese made of yoghurt which is made around eastern Europe and it is usually accompanied with different and interesting spices; and although I did not strain the yoghurt I did use the spices Ottolenghi uses for Labneh but on regular yoghurt.  I wanted to achieve something a little more juicy and different to accompany my Lamb kofta.

The first of Nottingham under ground restaurant!

                                                             the calm before the storm
                                                      Em and Will munching before singing.

                                       the alotment massive tucking in

After being totally inspired by "The English Can Cook " blog, I have eventually summoned up the courage to start my own underground restaurant!  Saturday night was the opening night of Nottingham under ground, and how fun it was! 15 of us gathered at my mums house to listen to the wonderful mellow tones of William Jeffery and Emily Martin and to gorge on a menu of……

Parsnip gnocchi and prune broth

Lamb Kofta feast
Or for veggies
Sumptuous roasted aubergine lentils
Onion flat bread
Herby Pistachio Studded Couscous
Scrummy Labneh
Pomegranate bejeweled salad
tricolor tomato salad

And to finish

Gooey Chocolate Brownies

And coffee if you like!

The wonderful Busy Lizzy did a wonderful job of waitressing; Si my official photographer dislocated his knee 3 days before the event but soldiered on!

I’m looking forward to the next event!
info posted here after Christmas.