Friday, 28 January 2011

The 2nd Nottingham UnderGround Event

How’s your January been? I think I just managed to scrape my way through it! In order to get myself through February and into the growing season I have decided to do some serious diary planning, putting in nice but cheep weekend activities; something to look forward to in the week. With this in mind, I though it would be a Good idea to do another pop up restaurant event on the 26th of February. And you are invited! However as the pop up restaurant is not like a regular walk-in restaurant you need to book. I will send directions(a bit like an illegal rave!),menu and details of which artists and performers will be attending this month. Just to point out the venue will be within 10mins drive of the city centre. During the weeks running up to the big event I will be posting about each musician, artist, designer and crafts person to give you a better idea of what the night will be like.

To book email:
or ring on:

Friday, 7 January 2011

Top 5 of December

All the sparkle and shine of Christmas is becoming a distant memory as we sadly slip back to work and routine! But in order to preserve the wondrous glamour of December I thought I would do a top 5 of December, so here I go:

Number 1 The engagement ring!

After a long night in an ale drinkers pub this summer my boyfriend proposed to me, all I thought was forgotten until on our trip to Iceland, when he pulled out the ring of my dreams! Again we were in a pub the Kaffiebarenn, Reykjavik (Damon Alburn had shares in it and most of the film Reykjavik 101 is filmed in it, on a side note this is a must see film!).

The ring is a slender hammered gold ring with ethically and environmentally sourced milky diamond I love it! Blue poppy  jewellery is well worth a gander:, their blog is also fab and really illustrates what personality and passion goes into blue poppy jewellery design and also nice to see sisters working together

Number 2 Popup restaurant

Most of my friends will know I want to set up my own café/restaurant, however as we all know too well it is very expensive to do this but with inspiration from London underground restaurant’s blog the English can cook (www. I was inspired to create my own (see previous blog posts). I am looking to do another towards the end of February any one interested please contact me on to book a place.

Number 3 Iceland

 They love their sequin sighns in iceland,it reminded me of a cool "talk of the town" arcade in spanish city in Whitley Bay back in the day!
 The grey cat cafe intresting breakfast !
 the layerd look so cold I found my hi viz coat tucked in a pocked of my back pack had to put it on for an extra layer! looking good!
 what can I say!

 the layerd look!

Years ago at university I read a wonderful article on Iceland and since then I’ve all ways wanted to experience the funky juxtaposed landscape of Iceland. Thanks to the banking crisis I can now afford to! So a week before Christmas me and Si fought the giant of Heathrow and won (unlike most) and flew off the Reykjavik for 6 days. I was really surprised to find not only beautiful landscape but a funky thriving cultural industry. I would 100% recommend a holiday in Iceland, I loved the eccentric café/bar culture, the scenery and the shear cold which gives you an excuse to adopt the rustic “layered look”.

Number 4

Scott Pligrim vs The World
Probably the film of the year for me! A sparkly comic book adaption that even my mum loved! 27th reminded me what Christmas is about food, beer, family around the fire and a film love it! Scott Pilgrim vs The world totally inspired and reminded me why I don’t want to look like the cover of a Vogue magazine and why I still want to be a Riot girl! ROCK!

Number 5

Sucking Eggs what your war time granny could teach you about diet, thrift and going green. by Patricia Nicol
A cracking Christmas prezzy from my brother I can’t put it down! I urge you no no order you to go and buy a copy it’s bloody brilliant. I do feel we all know we can learn a thing or two from our grannies but this makes you realise why in a very accessible way (probably unlike you grannies renditions of war time!).