Monday, 30 April 2012

Banana bread

As some of you know I have been really busy attending the Hive start course for the past few months. That is why I have been REALLY bad at keeping up with my blog. However on Friday I handed in my final plan, so this weekend I sheltered from the rain and read all the papers I haven’t read for the past 2 months.

So to de stress and use up all my wonderful freshly laid eggs (my mate Amy is providing me with free range and very happy duck eggs which are beautifully luminescent) and get rid of some of the Thomson twins too ripe bananas, I made Dan Lepards Dark Banana and Ginger cake from this weekends Guardian.

I love banana cake; I could take it or leave it before I lived in Australia. However when I lived in Melbourne I worked in a cool little cafĂ© that sold banana cake toasted with butter for breakfast. Amazing. Now I’m back in England (and maybe a bit more grown up and sensible) traditional banana cake is a little extravagant for breakfast (don’t you think?) so Dan’s Dark banana and ginger cake seemed like a good solution. And it is but it tastes a little more like parkin rather than banana cake, but beautifully moist and subtly nutty from the wholemeal bread flour.

Normal boggage will be resumed asap, sorry again.

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