Sunday, 6 January 2013

New year......

I remember that feeling before you went back to school, even when I was working in schools I would get it, that sort of slight feeling of dread at what the year holds! Well this year it’s different, something that has come as a surprise to me, even though I was as tired as a dog and kept losing my voice last year I am excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead. When I look back over the last 6 months I think bloody hell! With a little help from my friends I’ve done it! And now I’ve got to keep doing it!
So what have we got planned for January I hear you ask!
January for me is going to be like a massive experimental melting pot of ideas! Basically my wonderful land lord Mike has bought me an amazing Christmas present a great big shipping container to convert and plonk on the terrace , yes Sherwood is going to have its own little piece of Shoreditch (all we need now is a few girls in ill-fitting sundresses and leather shorts, some blokes in super tight skinny jeans and of course the ridicules haircuts and big 80’s style glasses to hang out in the yard!) a few little images of it before it gets converted!

So yes that means we will have indoor facilities and it does mean we will be able to do evenings!!!! I’m soooooooooo excited! My plan is to start off doing Friday and Saturday nights and if small groups want to use the space in the week for privet parties, book clubs and the like I’m more than happy to open for them (if arrange beforehand obviously!). I hear you ask is this the end of the Underground Restaurant? Defiantly not I love doing pop ups ,so I’m going to try and do one a month at my house (this basically means I will have to clean my house at least once a month, a great plan really to keep my house tidy!). Also if you’re up for having a pop up in your own house let me know! During the run up to the opening of the container I will be doing a few fund raising pop ups to fund the interior of the container, so keep your eyes peeled!
The other really exciting thing that I am doing is eat yourself healthy, happy and hardy pop up in collaboration with Millie Pollitt. Just getting this together has really made me look at my diet and amend it to support my body (I owe my voice coming back to a combination of advice from Millie and my acupuncturist!), so keep your eyes peeled for this event.

I thought I’d do a quick photo journal of the last year so you can get an Idea of what has happened for me, where I have come from where I am now. 
I made this when I got made redundant to give me some sort of focus.

some photos I did with Jess Hayes-Gill and my bread
Doing food for Molly Queen and the Beeston Bee ladies market has really help with my confidence and you know what it's fun!  

doing the garden and getting the shop ready!
this is how I received the shop!
I thought a bit of before and after would be good!
yep basically it was full of the previous owners tables chairs and gone off milk! really!
My shop after extreme make over!

cooking and eating with my cuz removed 2 beaut!
my wedding cake!
going for a photo shoot for Zest magazine
being in Zest Magazine

I really want to do this to say Ta very much too all the support, love and encouragement I have had from you all. Thanks your fucking brilliant,big love and good luck for this year.