Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday early morning photo diary

Steamed kiosk sign
Most Sundays whilst you lot are resting your embalmed brains I'm up early to make brunch, this weekend was so stunning I thought I'd document it (in between baking soda bread and baked beans!) for you so here is a mini photo diary.

I love the overlay of all these reflections
note to self more tomato sauce!

slightly addicted to soda bread at the mo

Just to let you know next week the Kiosk will be serving middle eastern street food at the Place for the Christmas Sherwood contemporary craft fair so get ya sen down there for some inspired Chrissy prezzies.

P.S. just a question Christmas decorations when should I put them up in the shop?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bring on Autumn

Me and the boy we discussing our favorite seasons (I believe this is the sort of boring thing you do when you’re married), Si decided spring I decided autumn. Although for me at the kiosk it’s not ideal for sales it does excite me. There is something wonderful about pulling out the woollies, wearing tights, big boots, making big pots of tea and cooking up richly flavored comfort food.
Consequently, as I pack my deck chairs away and get excited by autumn leaves I have started to think about Kiosk’s autumn menu, giving it a distinctly seasonal feel but still keeping what you love. The autumn menu is focusing on providing you with a different yummy hot option every day; my favorite is the Mexican pipian made with spiced squash and apples in a pumpkin seed Mexican pesto type sauce. Lots of people have asked for some wholesome stews and soups I’m excited about experimenting with a proper old style shin stew. I will still be providing tapas and salads but I will be creating a range of hot salads, I love Kiaya’s braised lentils and the Greek butter beans. Lastly I have redesigned the sandwich menu making most of the options hot and obviously interesting; the vegan option is amazing re-fried beans lush roasted salsa toasted in fresh Turkish bread.
We will be launching our new menu at Sherwood contemporary craft fair, at the place on the 17th Nov and as soon as I’ve sorted out the website everything will be up menus plans for the cold weather and much more! Keep your eyes peeled for new pop up events as they fill up quick!
See you soon

Monday, 24 September 2012

I Love Iceland

Wow coming back to the Kiosk was pretty hard after having an amazing and wonderful Icelandic wedding it really was amazing. I LOVE ICELAND. Me and Em were chatting and we think Iceland is a bit like a natural theme park/ holiday village. Reykjavik is so tiny you can walk every place you need to and it really is like a cool arty centre parks! It takes no time to get a trip out to the country last time me and the boy went we went in winter so it was Baltic but it was pretty pleasant well 10 degrees and when the sun was out gosh! Beaut! So the top five of Iceland.
1)Getting married by a wizard and a woman in light bondage on an industrial estate! Really !  ow the stories I can tell my children!

2) Hanging around in a cold black desert/beach/glacier.
so game of thrones don't you think!
me trying to be a wildling!
big bolder
Ice on volcano ash amazing!
a dead bird so symbolic what does this mean for our wedding?

3) Getting in a fight on my wedding day with an Icelandic male in a bar toilet I have to say me and Emily make an amazing WWF wrestling team.

4) Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum this bloke made this amazing house pretty much with his own hands, it was beautiful an amazing feat.

In part the Museum had been left as he would have had it this was Asmundur's studio which was positioned in the chopped off pyramid structures.
this part was an extension Asmundur proposed for his house but never manage to build before he died. when the building was converted into a sculpture gallery this was built.
this was originally His studio but it became difficult hoyking his sculptures up stairs so he added the pyramid structures.
This is the building from the outside, it is on a normal street in the burbs. Asmundur built the structure to create a new architectural style for Iceland combining what he felt were the great architectural forms of the world to form a house he  live in, work and exhibit all in one.  

 5) General praterling around Reykjavik with the boy in the sun and rain and seeing a sei wale eating crill ! amazing!

looking good in my waling suit man that was warm.

Mushrooms in the city
Street art everywhere Nottinham should really get with it as it makes a little city arty cool and boho.
a smashed mirror put into good use
the amazing swimming pool only £2.50 with beautiful outside lane swimming pool and 4 hot tubs and a steam room beautiful it was cold but hot all at the same time.
Some shoes.


Monday, 27 August 2012

opening information

Due to my marriage Kiosk will be closed on Wednesday the 29th of August, Sunday the 2nd September and Monday the 3rd of September. However the kiosk will be open from 9.30 till 3.30 Thursday the 30th, Friday the 31st, Saturday the 1st September, Tuesday the 4th, Wednesday the 5th and finally Thursday the 6th of September. Normal opening hours will be returned to when I get back on Friday the 7th. Sorry about this we had booked our wedding ages before I even thought about opening the shop can’t wait to get back and focus my efforts on pop up’s! See you soon.