Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Kiosk Opening

I’ve been painting outside tables today, ready for next weekend‘s opening day! Yes for years I’ve wanted a cafe and thanks to the support from my wonderful friends and family next weekend is my opening day! This weekend I have mainly been preparing menus, taste testing and painting, I have included some photos so you can get an idea of what I'm up to!  

The wonderful deck chairs I got from Lou Lou's all things vintage (a great shop on Hayden road, Sherwood) to adorn the terrace at the Kiosk.

Experimenting after sampling food with my brother around Edinburgh we devised a scrumptious pulled pork sandwich (which will be appearing on the menu at the kiosk)

Being a veggie I really wanted to provide a really interesting variety of foods for us none meat eaters, so this afternoon I poached some halloumi in cider, onions, garlic and spices and came up with the "Cow Girl" Man it's good! (Even if I do say so my self!)
So why don’t you come and have a lounge on my deck chairs and sample my menu. The BBQ will be served from 1, along with some free samples of the menu and a toast to the shop! If you do want to drink alcohol bring your own as I don’t have a license, but soft drinks and coffee will be available.
Come and stuff your face at 1b Winchester street, Sherwood NG5 4AH
Hope to see you then

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What a load of Balls

I’ve been really busy this week getting the shop ready to open at the end of the month! So very exciting everything slotting into position all I need now is a decent oven (I never thought it would be so hard choosing an oven!). Any way enough shop talk let’s get down to business!  This Friday I’m going to be doing a small pop up, in Sherwood £25 a head, bring your own booze and it’s all going to be ball shaped!
The menu for a load of balls:

Surprise balled cocktail

Turmeric, cumin and date bread balls.

To start:
Profiteroles with thick fig cream
Balled feta and dill gozleme(Greek, flaky pastry pies)

For main:
Crunchy red lentil kofte (vegan)
Middle Eastern turkey kofte

Served with:
Fresh flat bread,
Spicy kisir balled salad
Feta creamed spinach balls

Lebanese doughnut balls with rose syrup
Sweet labneh cheese cake ball

Lou cachet balls and oat cakes

To finish:
Fine coffee or tea with chocolate balls.
Might see you there

Monday, 4 June 2012

Eggs in the morning

I’m taking full advantage of the last of my lazy mornings I’m pretty sure as soon as I open my shop they will be all gone. So I’m guzzling the last spoonful of my Costa Rica honey coffee and eating  one of Amy’s scrummy  soft boiled duck eggs with dukkah and homemade pitas, whilst reading page to page Malouf (the cook  book I bought for my mum for Christmas!). Malouf and a conversation I had with my brother a few months ago has got me thinking of a new theme for a smallish pop up which I’m going to do on the 15th of June (if you’re interested email me)food in balls.
My Brother was telling me about a restaurant he went to in Barcelona where all the courses were in the form of balls, for example if you had curry, the centre of the ball was the curry encased in sticky rice.
Any way I’m going to spend my day thinking of food balls the menu will follow next week if your interested email me on