Monday, 9 January 2012

Food to be thankful for!

I have been asked to write a guest blog for pop up Nottingham with a new year theme  the email was really good at providing some ideas or surgestions for posts, one that really grabbed my attention was who is deserving of your thanks for the last year?

Well quite frankly there are many, hundreds, loads, lots of people I need to thank but I thought I might make a feature of it by creating a recipe dedicated to a helper every month? How does this make you feel? I hope it’s not too sick making!!!! So just to make you wretch a little more the first recipe is going to be dedicated to my Mum. So Mum, this is for putting up with all the mess, hording, special needs diagnosis and the general turning upside down of your house quite often! Ow and the mess again.

A very strong food memory I have of my mum is her teaching me to cook Spag Bol so that I could make it when I got in from school. I loved making this dish it was like making a magic potion putting bits in here and there. I loved my Mum’s big wok and quite often did a voice over like I was on blue peter! So here it is mums amazing Spag Bol :
The thing is when I’m stressed the thing I love most is going over to my mums and cooking in her galley kitchen and chatting maybe have the odd glass of wine (which was not too dissimilar to the way she taught me to make spaghetti bolognaise). Any way thanks mum for picking me up when I fall even now when I'm 30 odd and thanks for letting me re artex the kitchen xbx

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