Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Photo Diary

Some of you know the Bee Lady, she makes wonderous handmade bags and purses lined with vintage reclaimed materials (see the photos). Bee Lady’s company: Bee’s Make Honey is inspired by her love of the 70’s, this is defiantly reflected in her amazing house, there is no way you can miss that she was a child of the 70’s.
With that in mind she decided to host a 70’s style pop up in her amazing home. Here are some photos of the event (I think you will like having a sneak peek into Bee Lady’s house!).
the bee ladies hall way with Peters lovely bench

before the event

beautiful vintage orange glasses

it's all about the lava

who is this groovey lady!

check those specks!

1st course hot grapefruit (its nice really!)

stroganoff for main

poached pear in bee lady's lovely vitage cups!

who are those grovey geography teachers!

it's all about the Mateus!

check Bee lady's sexy vintage dress!

some of Bee Lady's beautiful bags on husband Peters prpper nice bench.

you got to love this phone!
As you may have noticed the valentine pop up is FULL! But keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

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  1. Ooh, what a fabulous evening Beth. The food was so authentically 70s and absolutely delicious! Everyone enjoyed the experience and I particularly enjoyed being served such a superb menu in my own home.Thanks again, it was a very special evening.The Bee lady xx